Photography Lessons

I offer introductory photography lessons for individuals and small groups, focused on developing specific technical skills and learning to take beautiful photos of the things you’re passionate about. Whether you’ve just picked out a long lens, or are looking for inexpensive ways to take photos of your favorite plants and insects, I can teach you to use your gear to its best effect while we find and photograph the things that you’re passionate about.


Jumping Spider

If you want to get up close and personal with insects, spiders or photograph the intricate details of flowers, mosses and mushrooms, macro photography is for you. We’ll meet up to discuss your gear, including lenses and lighting and how to best use your setup to get up close and personal with your chosen subjects. Then, we’ll head out into the field to find interesting and photogenic bugs and flowers for you to photograph. By the end of your session, you’ll have some eye-popping shots and the skills to find and photograph the tiny world around us.

Recommended gear: External flash with softbox, macro lens OR reversing ring OR magnifying diopter OR extension tubes – I’m happy to offer consultations if you’re buying gear beforehand and don’t know which option is best for you.


Northern Pintail

If you prefer the birds to the bees, this overview of wildlife photography is perfect. We’ll briefly consult over your gear and basic techniques before heading out to a wildlife refuge, where we’ll try to catch birds, mammals, and other creatures as they go about their day. By the end of your session, you’ll have a better idea of how to use your gear, look for wildlife, and take ethical photos while capturing beautiful portraits and interesting behavioral snapshots.

Recommended gear: DSLR with a telephoto lens or point and shoot with 20x or better optical zoom. If you’ve got a tripod, bring it.


Single student: Half-day (3 hours): $150, Full day (6+ hours): $250

Small groups (up to 10 people): Half-day (3 hours): $250, Full day (6+ hours): $400
Add $25 to total for each additional student beyond 10 people

Photographers are welcome to bring guests who aren’t taking pictures.

E-mail me at to book a session

(Photo lessons are based in Portland, OR. Lessons booked outside of the Portland/Beaverton/Vancouver, WA metro areas will incur an additional mileage charge.)