Image Usage

Depending on context, you may or may not need permission to use my images.

Commercial Use

All of my images, with the exception of commissioned work, are available for commercial licensing. Many of my images can be found on my SmugMug site. If you would like to use an image that is not hosted on SmugMug (check out my Flickr gallery for a complete, searchable portfolio) please feel free to e-mail me about licensing that image.

Pricing is dependent on the resolution of the downloaded image; SmugMug image prices can be found by selecting “Add to Cart” and then choosing “Downloads.”

If you would like to license several images, or if you would like a different licensing scheme, please contact me directly at with details.

Commercial organizations using my images on the web must first purchase a license to do so.

Non-Profit Organizational Use

If you represent a non-profit organization and would like to use my images, I may be able to provide you with an image license at a significantly discounted rate. Please contact me directly at with details about your organization and the specific context in which you would like to use my images.

Educational and Scientific Use

Individuals who wish to use my images in classroom or scientific conference presentations and posters may do so for free, without any prior permission from me. Please ensure that a legible credit appears on the same slide or page as the images, attributing credit either to “A. Jaszlics” or to “”. If you are using images in an online context, please provide a link back to this website.

If you wish to reprint one of my images in a scientific journal, please email me and ask for permission. It is very likely that I will grant this usage free of charge.

Personal Use

Individuals wishing to repost my images to their own blogs, websites or social media accounts may do so, as long as they attribute these photos and provide a link back to this website. If you wish to incorporate one of my images into the layout of your website or blog, please contact me for permission first.

Derivative Artwork

If you use one of my images as an art reference or otherwise copy an element of my photos to produce a new work of art, please provide attribution for the original image. Furthermore, if the derivative artwork is one that you are intending to sell or otherwise derive monetary profit from, please contact me for prior permission.

Even your intended use falls under ‘fair use’ and does not require prior permission from me, I enjoy seeing what people do with my work, and would welcome a friendly email.