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Galveston Shore

After getting back from Nebraska it seemed a shame not to use my rented 400 mm lens during the last few days of my rental period. So, instead of heading home to much-needed sleep, I drove straight through Houston to Galveston, TX, which is well-known for the diversity of shorebirds that it attracts.

Brown Pelican

Marbled Godwit

Saturday, Galveston was shrouded in fog, which made photography difficult — I have hundreds of shots of mist-veiled birds, but by using my car as a blind, I was able to sneak up on quite a few birds, getting close enough for a good photo despite the clinging clouds.

Royal Terns

Least Tern

My most interesting find, though, was undoubtedly this carcass of a juvenile dolphin. Though gnawed and decomposing, it’s readily identifiable, and gave me the chance to check out some cetacean anatomy up close and personal.

Bottlenose Dolphin

A little gross, maybe, but also very cool, and also, perhaps, prescient imagery, given the disastrous 170,000 gallon oil spill that took place on Saturday, just hours after my visit.


So I have finally bowed to consumer pressure, and bought an iPad. I figured that it would be a useful tool for, uh, reading PDFs and taking notes, and that sort of useful graduate student stuff.

Less than forty eight hours after buying it, its memory is half full of X-Men comics and music… So that worked out well.

My favorite thing on the iPad so far, is probably the Paper app from 53. It’s a very neat little sketchbook tool, with really elegant, responsive brushes. Playing with it feels like very fancy fingerpainting. It’s a ton of fun. Plus you get to see my terrible handwriting.

African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog

The next one was done from vague memories of what ranids are supposed to look like, so it’s probably awful…


So, does anyone have any recommendations for apps that will turn my iPad from a really expensive sketchbook / comic book reader / mp3 player into something that might actually be good to do science with?