About Me

I am from Colorado, and live in Oregon. In addition to photography, I am interested in carnivorous plants and play a lot of video games.

I am very fond of tea, and tend to dye my hair more often than is good for me.

This is what I look like
This is what I look like

A note on image usage

All of my images are free for non-profit, educational use (including classroom use, use in scientific talks at professional meetings, and use in student reports). Credit is appreciated and strongly encouraged, but is not required. Non-commercial bloggers may use my images, provided that they provide a link back to the original content source. Emailing to ask first (jaszlics@snakephotographer.com) is always appreciated, especially if you are uncertain whether your proposed usage falls under these guidelines

Any other use, including use by online or print media, use in website or print designs, etc. requires my prior consent, and may require the purchase of an image license. Please contact me at jaszlics@snakephotographer.com in order to obtain permission and licenses.

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